We're Making RUUM to GROW

Ready, set,      grow....


hi Parents, welcome

wow.....thanks for checking us out...!

very exciting!   here we are talking about kids, their clothes & you, 

their parents, and what you like to do and how you like to shop. 

Kids need a lot of clothes!  an undeniable truth.

they're always growing out of them, or they're getting dirty. 

so what's a parent to do?

where do parents shop? if they want their kids to look good, 

and they want to feel confident that they purchased the right clothes, 

at the right price, that make kids and the parents happy?

Parents are STARVED

It's a problem...cause most probably, there really aren't many stores that are easily accessible, friendly, enjoyable, hip, with great clothes and great prices in your neighborhood. It used to be TCP, do you recognize that abbreviation?

But things have changed,  the stores are not the same, as years ago.

Parents are hungry again,  ..starved....... they're hungry and looking for a place that they can find what they need for their kids, that makes kids happy, and parents are satisfied too.  

THE MOTTO:  to bring the best to everyone

It  was Ezra's Dabah's dream, to bring kids clothes, the best he could offer

to everyone...and he really did it.   From the wealthiest & fanciest  lady to the parents who had very little money in their pocket, Ezra was able to make them all smile.  Ezra's dream, was to make beautiful clothes for all children

 He used to say..."bringing the best to all..."  that's  quite a motto....but he really did it. ,,,,kind of what GE used to say..."we bring the best to life..."